The Bronx native Gerard makes way to The WestCoast while on tour. Coming straight from Canada to Los Angeles for a taste of how we do things here as well as to inform his listeners about what he’s got cookin’ up next!


Enjoy this quick submission from Joshua Kings! His latest track entitled, “No Other You” has that mr-steal-yo-girl mood-thing goin’ on. The ladies will feel you on this one!


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Cross continental duo Smook Deville (Colorado, USA) & VictoriousVIC (Melbourne, AUS) return with their latest video ‘Uptown’  This is one track from the ‘One Day At A Time‘ project that is set to be dropped soon. Follow the artist and stay tuned for the release!

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The days are getting hotter. The nights are more eventful. It’s party season! Ladies will especially feel the vibes in this track. I imagine getting ready for the night to a song like this. Zone embodies all that summer is. A little bounce, slight flex, and a beautiful chick all on your side.

“Yeah, she on me cus’ my money right…”

We offer a wide variety of bangers for the party, the hood, the beach. Chill smoker music as well as that shit that’ll make you break yo neck. Our primary goal is to put on for the city, LA is our home it raised us and we wanna represent with every fiber of our being. Theres so much more than just music in production and I honestly can’t wait to see how it’ll unfold as time continues to progress.

-Lance Crenshaw

Be on the lookout for the drop of their “Intellect” Tape. Set to drop on the 4th of July!

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The Vato with a voice! Lil Cas the spanish rapper dropped visual dope for his track entitled, “Navegar” I’m so glad to have the diversity flame being lit! Finally! Check out his sounds and catch up with the artist for all of his latest drops. 


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Who Is Ace McCain?

The young 20 year old Texas resident came to do everything except play games! Dorion aka Ace McCain urges to make a statement about the grand scheme of his takeover with #CasinSeason as well as other projects in the near future.

His music tells a story. His style is all his own, although, Swag over trap-like beats have been setting the tone for the past few years and it looks like it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. “Free Gucci is my favorite track hands down! I know I’ll be ridin round the streets to that this summer.” One of my critics explained as I played the tape. 

My music is a mood itself but I really like to call it its own vibe cause whatever you going through Cain got something to get you through.
-Ace McCain

The Cain Season EP

Pssssst. Rumor has it there is an upcoming tape entitled “7” on the way as well as #The DuncanTape which was just recently announced via twitter. 


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