A Place To Run Away To

       While some people run away to a place free of people and influence of the world, others are running here! Lolalistens is my blog. My business. My baby.  It is my vision of a place where all walks of life, rhythm, and authenticity can coexist and create art for the world or simply for themselves. 

As a young child, I remember going on rides in my mothers Ford Expedition during the school week, and let me tell you, no car ride was a silent one. She would play artists such as R. Kelly, Avant, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Eminem, Joe, Khia, Mystikal, E-40, Lil Wayne, Etc. This lady knew no such thing as “One Genre” and made it very clear early on in my life that I should be Open-To-The-Sounds-Of-The-World.

Spring forward to the future and this is what it holds for me. Kiara, or Lola, whoever you decide to distinguish me as will work. I realised that I have an ear for good music and music that will trend on the radio. I was able to predict Justin Biebers fame, Everyone over at Soulection, and even Iggy Azealea. These are all artists that I was able to hear early on and say,”Oh, yeah! They’ve got what the people want to hear!

I am a former writer and publisher for Benjamin over at Meetthadealer.com and it was such a pleasure to learn the ropes from him. He helped me develop into who I am today: A writer working for herself! Big ups to him!

Above is the image I have for my business. I make my own hand-made logos for myself and others and this was my creation for the #LolaListens underground music promotional blog. As a young, Black Writer and Blogger, it is important for me to uphold the image my ancenstors would have wanted me to. Melanated Ladies With Afros is the idea.



  1. I like your website already. I know I inspired you with music at an early age, like I can’t live without it myself. Keep up the good work, you will be just fine with all your creativity stored in that great mind of yours. Love Mom


  2. Yay! Finally moving forward with your dreams and I love it as your friend I see your progress and I just wanna tell you I’m proud of you and happy to see things are going just right! Sprinkling lots of successful dust towards your dreams 💕

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