“Wiring” Debut Single By Luke Powerzz

Singer, Songwriter, and Producer Luke Powerzz released his debut single ‘Wiring’  off the “Internet Youth Ep” January 29th 2017 for FreeFall Records. 

It’s no secret, this intoxicated confessional paints a picture of a past relationship. Something we all can relate to! It’s always refreshing to get an artist with the confidence to be transparent with the world through their melodies, lyrics, and sounds.

 The Frank Ocean, and Drake inspired R&B musician says,

We all have one person that whilst drunk, though we try not to admit it to ourselves sober, we think about. We wonder about how things could have ended differently, how they are getting on with their lives, whether or not they still feel the same way… With ‘Wiring’, I wanted to capture those intoxicated thought processes – full of nostalgia and regret – but also with the acceptance and understanding that being a bit drunk somehow gives you..


Follow Luke Powerzz!

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/luke-powerzz

Twitter: @LukePowerzz


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