Mayyadda Releases Her “EightyNine” Ep


Born and raised in Minneapolis reigns a young 23 year old well-rounded artist and musician known as Mayyadda. The release of her most recent project entitled, “EightyNine” effectively illuminates her multifarious style. Between playing the piano since the age of two and the guitar since the age of 14 and singing her whole life, Mayyadda really found her niche. A sound she could call her own. It’s not everyday we stumble upon artists that have the potential for Soundtrack Music but, I believe this young Queen has what it takes.

After vibing to her “Black Girl Magic” track I instantly thought of endless amount of things it could be used for. Specifically, it reminded me of Issa Rae’s new Hot Tv Series “Insecure.” Sending uplifting messages to young Moorish (black) women of the world and opening their eyes to the things they may not see in themselves. The best thing about Mayyadda is simple… she is unparallel to any artist out right now! Find her on Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter, and as of yesterday– Spotify!


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