Letter To Josh – Scooter Smiff

Scooter Smiff released, “Letter To Joshua” on his birthday as means of remembrance to one of his closest friends. Full of sincerity and a wave of emotions over an old school sample is what really set it off. “I feel like I can really vibe to this track

…My days feel longer without ya’ …I no longer feel the same without ya’ .. 


I thought I would have so much more to say, but the truth is, this song hit home for me and a few of my family members. Joshua was my cousin and one of the greatest friends to have. Unfortunately, he took his life and left his whole world shaken. Literally, everyone who knew him and even those who knew of him, felt and mourned the tragedy of his loss.

The family of JJAXX would like to reach out to young artist Scooter Smiff and inform him how much we truly appreciate the song as well as the message. We are all healing together.

|Suicicde is not the answer and bullying is not supported|



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