Lance Crenshaw & Techneak Release First Single From The “Intellect” Tape!


The days are getting hotter. The nights are more eventful. It’s party season! Ladies will especially feel the vibes in this track. I imagine getting ready for the night to a song like this. Zone embodies all that summer is. A little bounce, slight flex, and a beautiful chick all on your side.

“Yeah, she on me cus’ my money right…”

We offer a wide variety of bangers for the party, the hood, the beach. Chill smoker music as well as that shit that’ll make you break yo neck. Our primary goal is to put on for the city, LA is our home it raised us and we wanna represent with every fiber of our being. Theres so much more than just music in production and I honestly can’t wait to see how it’ll unfold as time continues to progress.

-Lance Crenshaw

Be on the lookout for the drop of their “Intellect” Tape. Set to drop on the 4th of July!

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