[Poetry] Pretend – Sayso (feat. Bibi Ross)

Pretend To Have A Thicker Skin, Pretend To Have It Sorted Out..


The Long Beach “rapper with a cannon” Sayso drops wisdom jewels for us all with her newest track, “Pretend” featuring Bibi Ross.

To say that we should all be able relate to this track would be an understatement. In today’s world where we simultaneously paint this picture as if we are all so perfect or close to it, a song like this really posesses the power to remind us that we are all imperfect, ever-changing human-vessels serving a souls purpose: To get back to our purest selves. Personally, I admire an open-minded, truly “tapped-in” headstrong artist like SaysoShe brings truth. She brings concept. She brings art. And, she brings the noise!



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