Dominican Republic artist KATONTHEMUV is making a statement! From La Romana all the way to Miami, FL hails a new underground sound that is sure to stay.  

Shortly after discovering her sound in Miami, KAT then relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where she furthered her passion for the Hip-Hop culture.

It was there where she met producer, PourItUp Sip and began recording her upcoming self-titled EP, “KATONTHEMUV!” 

Hispanic Trap vibes have been the talk of the town as of lately……


She’s definitely one of the dopest I have heard thus far. Oh, and just in case you don’t understand the Latin Tongue my friends…… ” Do not come to her. She does not love you!

A Mi No Me Venga…. No Toy Pa’ Ti….


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The world’s most chill artist Day Brown is back at it I tell ya’! “Love Drug (Blackmoon)” featuring Joe Sig is the ultimate sit-back-and-relax track. This song lowkey sounds like a unique spin-off of Miguel’s Drugs.

“Beloved, I’m here to talk about the lovin’…”

-Joe Sig

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Killa King drops his catchy club banger “What Dat Mouf Do!” Listening to this, I swore I was hearing Roscoe Dash or atleast…that was the vibe given off. Play this one on the way to your next party….You just might get lucky and see…

…just what that mouth truly does.

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Following his most recent project, “Underdawg 2” ChapD spills out more gold for his listeners with this timeless project entitled, “Post Season.” Personally, I already have few favorites on this album. Listen to the album and let him know which are your favorites. Follow the artist and stay tuned….

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Baltimore Maryland artist Don Haze goes hard on on his latest “Immortal” track!

Don’t F*ck With My Bread Or My Vibes”

22 Year old Philly rapper Ree Santana brought the heat to Fuck-It-Up-Fridays with his newest song “Link Up, Turn Up.

Be sure to tune in to 8.26 Radio at Midnight Today for the First Listen of HILVL’s latest tape! Should be dope beyond words!!!!

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He’s been making moves right underneath our noses this entire time. He’s made it to some of the Dopest music blogs and websites like: AllHipHop, Karen Civil, The Source, etc. He just leaked 3 songs off an upcoming 10-track album entitled, “Tomorrow Wuz Great” and he’s not stopping there! He is New Englands very own, Jep Roadie! 

1. Involved

The smooth vibe in this track is instantly catchy! Vulnerable and transparent is definitely the way to go these days. I say this time and time again that world is ready for music we can actually relate to. Jep Roadie opens up about infidelities and the hardships in relationships. We can all appreciate an honest artist.

“And I tried to stay strong during winter storms, kept calling out names that aren’t yours..”

2. Tried To Break Me

If you listen to him closely he mentions God a few times. Now, that’s not to say that he is religious and holy, however, it does prove that Roadie is spiritually aware of what’s going on. Losing oneself to gain oneself was a major key he used in this track on-top of mentioning empathizing with defensive minds. Artist just don’t know how much gratitude the world has for songs and projects like this: With such meaning and depth, speaking on Ideas instead of ‘Women, Cars, Clothes, Etc‘ … Until they actually release a track that like so.  

“I got out of the dark but it took a lot of  encouragement, and I do it for the art but still acknowledge the currency..”

3. When She Figures Out 

(She Doesn’t Need Him)

I never got the answers I wanted, but there’s blood on my hands at the moment.

I’ll just leave that quote right there! As if Jep hadn’t showed off his talents enough…he comes and reveals the poetic side. The swagged out word-play junkie shows the alter ego in this track with the darker tone and the “I Don’t Give A F*ck” attitude. Losing people along the way to the top is only natural when you keep sh*t this real. Roadie is one of those artists that doesn’t have to try hard. It shows! The much anticipated album Tomorrow Wuz Great is set to drop a lot sooner than you think. Stay tuned….

“Business could never take you wherever talent goes…. It don’t matter how you dress it when the salad gone…”

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