I want to give a special shout out to everyone who attended and was a part of The Event Part 2! Below are all of the pictures we have from the night of the event. Feel free to take what’s yours and don’t forget: ALWAYS TAG THE PHOTOGRAPHER! (Copyrights have been placed)













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The hosts would like to thank everyone who attended. If you don’t see yourself in the pictures above, please don’t be discouraged. The footage from the event has yet to be uploaded. Thank you for your patience!



                  Mayyadda has done it again! She returns with an 8-track digital album entitled, “Holding Space” This project carefully embodies that 90’s Goapele vibe; yet of course with her own quirky-motivational twist. The power in this project comes from its simplicity in preparation. Listening to it, I can tell these songs started with a guitar, a feeling, and a voice in heart. I think what I enjoy about this young queens music most is the fact that it can be listened to around anyone. Small children or Grandma. It is perfect for most occasions and gatherings because she is bold in her craft, subtle with her expression, and relate-able on many-many playing fields. 

My favorite tracks: Love Ain’t Supposed To Be, Dying Day, Sick and Tired. 


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      When the East Coast meshes with the West Coast it’s only evident that magic happens. Gerard and I met at the Lexington in Downtown Los Angeles in the summer of 2016, along with another local LA-Chicago artist who goes by the name Ramaj Eroc. Upon meeting each other, we also spoke about our dreams and aspirations and where we thought we’d be in our near futures…and well, here you have it: Our first Networking event has been bodied! We took a leap of faith hoping to take off to better places.


      For anyone who does not know, My mans Gerard is a hard-dedicated businessman. He literally gives up sleep for his dreams. (Oh, The Irony) The multi-talented performing artist, singer, all around dope MC has made me so proud to call him a friend. Nothing he does goes unnoticed I tell ya…..nothing. Below are more photos of the event, feel free to scroll through:



Greetings listeners, artists, and creatives of all kind: My business partner and I have decided that it is time to put together a mixer for the underground. We have artists traveling from all over the world coming to attend this event and make it CRACK! If you are an artist or performer or creative of any kind and would like to be apart of the shenanigans, please message either Gerard or I for more information.

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#LolaListens: London artist Jordan Rakei just released the visuals to his newest single ‘Eye To Eye.’ It gets deep. It gets dark. Eye To Eye is a beautiful piece of work. It’s abstract enough to make you think and get your mind wandering, yet it’s detailed enough for one to know what’s going on….At The Same Damn Time. Rakei gives us the best-of-all-vibes: A little jazz here, a little electronic there and Vwah-lah. Masterpiece.

…let them bleed twice for a minute
Pleasure to have met you, you’re my star tonight..