Recently, well-known underground artist Ramaj Eroc teamed up with Dabid Music to pull together the Feelings 2 EP as well as the New Chance music video. This time, he’s come with the unnexpected–yet necessary.

After listening to the tape, it is clear to see that Ramaj has gone darker in sound, and incredibly more raw in emotional expression. The layers to this artwork are incredible! There’s Poetry, there’s R&B, there’s Hip-Hop, there’s New School and Old school. LIterally, he’s got a little bit of everything one would need. Been Tellin Yall” is sure to be a fan favorite. C’mon, who else can go from “Baby, let me tell you how I feel” type-of-vulnerability to “I could give a f*ck how you feel” type-of-cocky? None other.

Independent Sh*t We Runnin, Label Never Seen Us Coming..



Philly artist Jay Griffy takes the  ARTIST OF THE WEEK” title with his song and video “Grand Master F” His own unique twist on G.Masters late and great song “The Message” Griffy and Ken Raw found a way to make the track and video their very own. Philly visuals inspire the video whilst the random, quirky-lirkin’ eyes add just the right amount of sauce to set us all striaght. Overall, dope visuals and high energy! 


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Stay tuned for Jay Griffy’s soon-to-be released LP “Gawd Like