The dark vibes are in! South Chicago born-Atlanta residing Producer Trphy is setting the bar for beat tape submissions! They’re full-bodied, dark, and full of Missy Elliot vibes. Listen Here and follow the producer for more sounds. 

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The Vato with a voice! Lil Cas the spanish rapper dropped visual dope for his track entitled, “Navegar” I’m so glad to have the diversity flame being lit! Finally! Check out his sounds and catch up with the artist for all of his latest drops. 


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On February 12th 2017 a supreme duo known as The Children emerged with what I am guessing is their very first Digital Album. Surprises really do lurk around every corner these days as these two are (musically) a force to be reckoned with. Seemingly, their new album entitled, “The Children” has only a matter of time before being noticed and loved.




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