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      When the East Coast meshes with the West Coast it’s only evident that magic happens. Gerard and I met at the Lexington in Downtown Los Angeles in the summer of 2016, along with another local LA-Chicago artist who goes by the name Ramaj Eroc. Upon meeting each other, we also spoke about our dreams and aspirations and where we thought we’d be in our near futures…and well, here you have it: Our first Networking event has been bodied! We took a leap of faith hoping to take off to better places.


      For anyone who does not know, My mans Gerard is a hard-dedicated businessman. He literally gives up sleep for his dreams. (Oh, The Irony) The multi-talented performing artist, singer, all around dope MC has made me so proud to call him a friend. Nothing he does goes unnoticed I tell ya…..nothing. Below are more photos of the event, feel free to scroll through:




Dominican Republic artist KATONTHEMUV is making a statement! From La Romana all the way to Miami, FL hails a new underground sound that is sure to stay.  

Shortly after discovering her sound in Miami, KAT then relocated to Atlanta, Georgia where she furthered her passion for the Hip-Hop culture.

It was there where she met producer, PourItUp Sip and began recording her upcoming self-titled EP, “KATONTHEMUV!” 

Hispanic Trap vibes have been the talk of the town as of lately……


She’s definitely one of the dopest I have heard thus far. Oh, and just in case you don’t understand the Latin Tongue my friends…… ” Do not come to her. She does not love you!

A Mi No Me Venga…. No Toy Pa’ Ti….


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Who Is Ace McCain?

The young 20 year old Texas resident came to do everything except play games! Dorion aka Ace McCain urges to make a statement about the grand scheme of his takeover with #CasinSeason as well as other projects in the near future.

His music tells a story. His style is all his own, although, Swag over trap-like beats have been setting the tone for the past few years and it looks like it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. “Free Gucci is my favorite track hands down! I know I’ll be ridin round the streets to that this summer.” One of my critics explained as I played the tape. 

My music is a mood itself but I really like to call it its own vibe cause whatever you going through Cain got something to get you through.
-Ace McCain

The Cain Season EP

Pssssst. Rumor has it there is an upcoming tape entitled “7” on the way as well as #The DuncanTape which was just recently announced via twitter. 


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Olivia Castriota, the sassy NYC based artist just recently relesed her cover of Justin Biebers Sorry” as a video and man will her vocals blow you away! So much vitality in one voice. Her impassioned approach to the pop song is so tranquilizing and reassuring to the soul. Hear for yourself!

Originally from York, PA, where the powerhouse of a singer developed and recognized her talents–it was there where the history of her success began. Around the tender age of 13, young Olivia discovered the high-spirited performer in herself. From choir, to musicals, to singing competitions, you name it! 


It was’nt long ago when she moved to NYC and released her Debut Album “All At Once” which climbed all the way up to #2 on iTunes US New Album Release Charts. But, Castriota did not stop there!  Her sexy, vivacious “I Wanna Know” video won Best R&B Video by The Academia. After watching it I thought, How could I not post it?!

Olivia has had the priviledge of singing at the world famous Apollo Theater a handful of times as well open for artists like Lil Mo’, The Shades, and RANN and even got her gracious hands on the opportunity to perform with Marky from the Ramones. I knew she was a lovable character when I asked her who her Idols were…

” Jessie J, Ed Sheeran, Lukas Graham, D’Angelo, and Joss Stone “


“…my music effects people in many ways but I guess that’s just it…it effects people. It makes them feel something. And that’s really the point of the whole thing….to feel. “

– Olivia Castriota

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R&B Diva Elise 5000 has come to be second to none! Born and raised in Bonaire, Georgia where she conjured up her first song at the tender age of 8, Elise, shortly after decided she was also going to begin playing the keyboard at the age of 10. She later moved to Los Angeles to expand and follow her dreams….It’s been a success story since!


Since following her dreams, Elise 5000 has had the gracious opportunity to work with a few of her favorite artists like SWV, Mary J. Blige, and more! Considering the diversity in her genre choices it’s no doubt that she has what it takes as she already has tons of buzz on blogs and sites of all sorts! Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Trapsoul, and EDM are what’s to be expected of the sexy songstress.