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      When the East Coast meshes with the West Coast it’s only evident that magic happens. Gerard and I met at the Lexington in Downtown Los Angeles in the summer of 2016, along with another local LA-Chicago artist who goes by the name Ramaj Eroc. Upon meeting each other, we also spoke about our dreams and aspirations and where we thought we’d be in our near futures…and well, here you have it: Our first Networking event has been bodied! We took a leap of faith hoping to take off to better places.


      For anyone who does not know, My mans Gerard is a hard-dedicated businessman. He literally gives up sleep for his dreams. (Oh, The Irony) The multi-talented performing artist, singer, all around dope MC has made me so proud to call him a friend. Nothing he does goes unnoticed I tell ya…..nothing. Below are more photos of the event, feel free to scroll through:




Greetings listeners, artists, and creatives of all kind: My business partner and I have decided that it is time to put together a mixer for the underground. We have artists traveling from all over the world coming to attend this event and make it CRACK! If you are an artist or performer or creative of any kind and would like to be apart of the shenanigans, please message either Gerard or I for more information.

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Omega The Poet Presents:  Kamasutra (The ultimate love compilation) EP.
After spending nearly an entire year working on the highly anticipated album, the diligent Omega decided summer 17 was the time! Recently in contact with big names such as: Ray J, producer Chuck Inglish, and rapper Paris Lain, the ‘Poet’ has insured us that a summer project will be conjured up and released in 2018.

For this to be the artists’ first music project……it speaks volumes! Laced in his tracks are his transparent truths on Love, Sexual-Rendevouos, Fantasies, and Memories of the past. I will say this, not many people have figured out the formula to making their own sound…theirs! Every once in a while we come across artists like Omega The Poet who have figured out The more we relate to the world and the more the world can relate to us… the more the world gives back to you. 

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Pretend To Have A Thicker Skin, Pretend To Have It Sorted Out..


The Long Beach “rapper with a cannon” Sayso drops wisdom jewels for us all with her newest track, “Pretend” featuring Bibi Ross.

To say that we should all be able relate to this track would be an understatement. In today’s world where we simultaneously paint this picture as if we are all so perfect or close to it, a song like this really posesses the power to remind us that we are all imperfect, ever-changing human-vessels serving a souls purpose: To get back to our purest selves. Personally, I admire an open-minded, truly “tapped-in” headstrong artist like SaysoShe brings truth. She brings concept. She brings art. And, she brings the noise!


Following the drop of his most recent single “Angels” Ramaj releases the visuals to go right along with it! With approximately 20 hours after the drop the video already has over 100 views on youtube, and the track having over 1,250 streams on Soundcloud! The catchy Lakey Inspired production is already making it’s way up the charts! Stream & View Now, What Are You Waiting For? Don’t be the last to hear this!

“She said don’t be like these new rappers cus these new rappers ain’t got no soul.”

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Meet Artist Amenhotep (Cruz OmegaSoul) The American writer and singer prevailing from Washington DC with with a whole lot to say.

Growing up in Baltimore and the rustic towns of Virginia with an African Heritage, Cruz sets out to be a mere inspiration to the people. Exposing and guiding his listeners through the secrets of “inner self” and shining light on jaded contemporary art along with the social issues the world faces today.


“Lovers Journey”

The multimedia Soundtrack inspired by Omegas short story entitled, “Valiant Victims: A Lovers Journey” was released February 11th, 2017 on Bandcamp. The tracks shadow and reflect the story and it’s content and it’s clear! Between the vivid imagery and the play-on-words and the power behind each letter…

I’m just going to be the first to say it, He is like a modern fusion of Michael Jackson and (hear me out, hear me out) and N’Sync. He’s got that seduce-you-in-the-mind first vibe going on.  These pseudo-erotica soundwaves are seductively invigorating and thirdeye opening. Just in time for Valentines Day!

What am I saying? I will let you all be the judge.  Below are a few snippets from the album and be sure to click through to the link to download the album as well as follow the artist!






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