Yung Damon came to hit hard with his new catchy, “Mood” video.  From the slum life to the righteous life. From back against the wall to f*ck them all. I know we can all relate to this banger!

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One of Inland Empires most consistent artists Chap D just released two brand new tracks for the culture! Following the drop of his debut album, “Underdawg” which is still in major rotation, comes two highly catchy tracks for Summer Seventeen!

Swervin' Cover

Serving Dom Kennedy vibes over a smooth west coast track… Oh, yes he did. Though the song and the style is all his own, I can’t help but to catch the Dom K feels from this piece of work. Play this in your car. Turn the volume up. Swerve!

Up & Down

Also, be sure to stream “Underdawg” here in case you’ve missed it!

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Close My Eyes, Going Blind To The Ways Of The World…

They’re Awake! Spiritual and obviously aware of the spiritual war we face in this world today, MG Clarence and AMZN set fourth their newest collaborated single, “The Ways” Stream it here and let me know what you guys think!


Pretend To Have A Thicker Skin, Pretend To Have It Sorted Out..


The Long Beach “rapper with a cannon” Sayso drops wisdom jewels for us all with her newest track, “Pretend” featuring Bibi Ross.

To say that we should all be able relate to this track would be an understatement. In today’s world where we simultaneously paint this picture as if we are all so perfect or close to it, a song like this really posesses the power to remind us that we are all imperfect, ever-changing human-vessels serving a souls purpose: To get back to our purest selves. Personally, I admire an open-minded, truly “tapped-in” headstrong artist like SaysoShe brings truth. She brings concept. She brings art. And, she brings the noise!



Tenth Of August released his smooth-vocal enriched freestyle and we’re sure it’ll win over the girls hearts this summer! It’s a real talent to be able to have a believable rap voice as well as an amazing singing voice. Check out the artist and follow to stay tuned on his future releases.

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